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Kim Davis

Female. Lives in California, United States. 61 years old.
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Pretty easy-going person that likes the simple life, good friends and the Love of Family. I love coo... View More
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Everyone has a dream, but only few have the fortune to realise them. Be among the lucky ones today as you see your dream project materialise and take its first steps towards a successful future. But all good things have humble beginnings. What matters is that you had a dream, and dreaming it was the hardest part, reminds Ganesha.
Kim Davis
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Kim Davis
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Kim Davis
This is part of a wall hanging Of The Last Supper I did for my MIL. It's actually the 2nd one I have done and given as presents. I love fillet crochet!
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Mercy Chanter
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
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Kim Davis
Thank you! 1f601.png
February 6, 2021
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