October 31, 2021
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Welcome to YoReSpot!

     My name is Brandon Irlbeck founder and CEO of this amazing platform and I'm here to help you get settled in on this journey!

Firstly YoReSpot is not only the only true "Free Speech" alternative to Facebook but also #1 for several reasons but lets just cover the top two.

1. Every other "Free Speech" site/platform has banned/shadow banned users for posting links and some for just asking questions.

2. Alexa Rank! Alexa ranks all sites in the world based of traffic and duration. We are in the top 8,800 in the US and 55k in the world out of trillions of sites. ( Fact Click Here )


We offer many options such as Groups, Pages, Polls, Quizes, Friends, Feeds, News, Live Streaming, and so much more.

Fact, other sites are trying to mimic us to be the next trending social media. Fact, they are failing. If you have noticed sites that just existed this year or last just know we have had this code since 2008 when we launched www.eraspot.com <<< Not active don't click.

We have been working with this code for 13 years and succeeding!

All we ask is you add some friends, join a few groups, and socialize the way social media was intended.

Free Speech is here and now.


We have launched a podcast of our own! YoReSpot Podcast  <<< Click!


Once a month we will use the podcast to give away a free YoReFone!