Keith Ritman
by on January 14, 2022
If i needed to fund and advance an agenda that almost everyone would be against for whatever reason what would I do to fund it.
Well i could start a website that would draw in those very same people and get the ones that hate my agenda to fund its advancement. How you ask?
Fill the site with trigger content to draw them in then collect and sell their data as they visit my site.
$1 and up for each unique visitor (unique is a IP address that never visited the site before within 24 hours) you do the math. If my fake content triggers lots of people to visit that's a dollar per visit times ten thousand visitors a day. Now I pay other people ten cents per referral to post on social media my trigger ads and stories. Banners and posts with referral keys that mark my referral code so i get paid.
Now I have managed to get the very people who don't want my agenda to fund my agenda. Be sure whom you support. Find out the owner of all sites you visit and share from so you don't inadvertently fund the very destruction of the American Dream.
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