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by on March 4, 2022

Good day, to all the beautiful souls out there. I am sorry that I couldn’t get in touch with you last Friday because I had to leave in a hurry to fly to Pennsylvania for my brother, Charles’ funeral. I have been gone all week and just got back last night.

Sometimes we must go back in the past to the abode of reflection to understand our individual life completely. Even through all the agony, heartache, and struggles a child carries with them for a lifetime, we must step back into the past and see our lives differently by putting it into proper perspective. Sometimes it’s better to see life by putting yourself in someone’s shoes. Even though this was a gloomy time I have learned a long time ago to shelve and let go of many things during my life. I have always looked for the lesson learned and this trip has been no different. I found the peace, amity and joy in my life. Sharing this with all of you is my gift to you so you may understand your grief as I have.

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania and being dirt poor was an embarrassment that I couldn’t get away from fast enough. Living the miserable life; longing for the lavish things in life is what my eyes dreamt of during the bright daylight. However, I didn’t take the dream with me but took the pain, the distress, and the struggle with me to achieve what I yearned for. I placed each on a shelf never to visit again. Whenever I went home on several occasions I found things I had shelved long ago lying there covered in the dust. It was like having a pot of water always sitting on the stove just waiting for everyone or something to ignite the burner to relive it all again, Throbbing memories and past grievances, heartache, and struggle. Where we must learn to put them in the proper perspective so they do not become hindrances in our way forward.

When I arrived back on the farm the first words in my mouth were “Oh, my God.” I didn’t even recognize the farm I had grown up on. The farm I used to gaze on while the sun sets. I hadn’t seen it in a long time. I was surprised the house was still there. The barn had fallen down and some of the other buildings. However, what used to be an embarrassment was not really humiliating this time. Instead, I felt a peace in the heart- the peace I’ve never felt before. As I gazed over the homestead, my mind went in the state of deep thoughts and I exclaimed “Wow, this is historic and a sense of pride washed over me so profound, that tears rolled down my cheeks.

Picture in your mind an old house falling down, then picture new growth surrounding it as spring has arrived, giving it new blossom and dyeing its lost colors.  It hit me like a ton of bricks. The house that I once felt embarrassed of is now the same house that has become my legacy with a pride far greater than any riches you can ever imagine. The house in its run down condition and in ruins still had a message to shout to the world. It still had enough glory to speak out. ‘Out of the ashes comes change and new growth.’ This is the message I shared with my family as we buried Charles. I spent hours taking photos which I will share later with all of you for you to see how your heirloom becomes a legacy. My family had been dirt poor and I stood on that farm, listening to the birds chirping on their way to their abode and for the first time I saw the richness that is our legacy with pride and joy and I could clearly hear the echoes of those birds chirping again. It’s true the past is not a place to dwell but of reflection and sometimes we need to go back and reflect and make sense of our life and put it into the proper perspective. I hope this is a message that will resonate with all of you on some personal and profound level. I expect you do not make the same mistakes I made. Don’t be ashamed of anything that has a past as coal. Coal is dirty and leaves one black if rubbed on you but remember it takes it time to become a polished diamond under the pressure.

I found this trip, especially in a time of deep sorrow, to bring my life full circle from being dirt poor, humiliated by the ruins of our farm to the riches it has given me all my life.  As the farm took on a different look over the years from nature’s growth so has my life grown in ways I wasn’t completely aware until now and my roots were and has always been the foundation of my life.  I am so enriched with the blessings my life has taken. The farm and I are not the same as we once were. We are now shining in our splendor for all to see. Finding my identity has been an arduous journey and there were things I had always known deep inside yet haven’t allowed myself to fully see.  One cannot see what we refuse or fail to see. It comes with opening our hearts and our eyes to see the truth of our identity.

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Here's to a long and loving journey together beautiful friends.....filled with HOPE, with FAITH, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE.....

And always......ALWAYS FRIENDSHIP!

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