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#OperationRadiation 2.0  Length 1:14:36

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LogicBeforeAuthority Published December 28, 2021

My Notes:

We are in a literal clandestine World War III hidden in a so-called digital deception.

What do the 1918 Spanish Flu and the 2020 Corona Virus have in common? The 2nd pandemic was implementation of radar when the satellites

Dr. Fauci knew this was going to happen back in 2017 with his speech with preparedness of a pandemic and knowing a surprise outbreak

1909 radio towers transmitted around the world and transmission towers were shortened to radio towers, in 1916 the 1st radio broadcast came about & during the next 2 years radiation broadcast technology spread like wild fire across the nations and then in 1918 disaster struck, many became ill and the symptoms were very similar to what we are seeing today among the corona virus.

The influenza virus had killed 50 million people – John Rockefeller & Frederick Gates, bill’s grandfather, event 201.

12 min    5G – the Internet of things and the corona virus –

5G is just below the classification of a weapon and he explains why – 10x faster than 4G, when the 5g comes into connection with human bodies it causes cell poisoning. Our bodies kick out the toxins with some proteins and DNA RNA from our cells in the form of a chemical called a virus so what is happening is the frequency from the 5g (10x stronger than 4g) in reacting adversely with human cells causing them to be toxic and our natural defense mechanism is to push that out in the form of a virus.

He gets into sharing facts regarding this.

Started in wuhan, Spain rolled out 5G then Italy then London which is one of the biggest the radio frequencies are to blame for all the illness not a Corona Virus.   It takes 6 months to impact your physical body. The cruise ships had 5g along with hospitals and major cities.


5g is the only speed to handle the future of their agendas. AI (artificial intelligence) to run everything within the Internet of things, the new global currency, self-driving vehicles and they cannot reverse the technology.

18:39 Image (publication number WO/2020/060606 filed in June of 2019.)  Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.

Found this as well:


23:14 marker – PCR testing will give you the virus … (?) I have seen this as well, unsure. Discussed more at 58:15 marker The fraudulent PCR test.  (honestly I am not sure about this, we must discern all but I have heard this talked about alot). You can also refer back to the PCR blog.

Picture bombshell evidence: Covid RNA Base Pairs are identical to chromosome 8 human DNA posted august 22, 2020 by ourgreaterdestiny

Goes over the resource of how the (in silico) computer simulation or in virtual reality using a blast tool – explained on video.

(author Raghunath satpathy) and Amruta Vihar  www.researchtrendnet

One of WHO primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV2 is found in all human DNA.

They are implementing 3 new strategies –

1) Vaccines have the disease toxins in them and consists of chemicals to respond powerfully to the signals (Which we have heard) graphene etc …

We are electromagnetic beings – we are electric circuits and our system is a complex network of signals etc. (hmm hence Cell ular Towers) We react to frequencies we respond to vibrations and we respond to electromagnetic energy. Frequencies effect our sense of well-being.

29:37 Bitchute.com/truthmedia

All who are jabbed are chipped … so they can then identify who is and who is not and those that are will be able to identify

His image at 29:53 – geez where is resource? I cant find the article anywhere economist.com ? hard to see “What the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D means to a global atmosphere of paranoia” Six page essay.

Bitcoin.com    Hydra’s complex drug delivery system in Russia overshadows western darknet markets 9-16-20 by Jamie Redman

30:35 Who Owns Bitcoin (On the slide)

All moving at fast speeds because the powers that be know that many are waking up to the facts.

They are shutting global economies down because they want to introduce 2 things. A new level of monopoly or oligopolies. These are four or five key multinational companies – Amazon, Google, and others that manage the supply chain of all that we purchase. The new system they are bringing in is the new block chain currency system which we will not have access to unless we prove we are harmless to others mandating the jab and the chip.

Article written July 12, 1918 Archive.org reveals truth in 103 yr old print.

mRNA – they want to change our DNA – Do not take the jab

51:42 Vaccine and germ theory – spike protein

Their end game is written in stone…reduce the population of the earth to a more manageable 500,000,000 million down from 8,000,000,000 humans. They can not do this without our help – we have to volunteer to die and kill each other as well. This is why the rider of the Red Horse was given the power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other.


Prayers to ALL 




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