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Steps to protect yourself from EMF

From wireless to wired internet


Take the 1 WEEK CHALLENGE: Turn off your wifi router at night. This is the most important time to reduce EMF. And keep track of how you and your family are feeling as a result!

1. Physically unplug your router before bed. This can be simple, but also easy to forget.

2. It’s a really good idea to use a plug-in power timer ($9).

3. Alternatively, login to your router & set a wireless time schedule. Check out this PC tutorial, or this Mac tutorial. Other guides are on YouTube.


For any notebooks, make sure the power cord is grounded (has a 3-pronged plug). The newest MacBooks don’t have this grounded power cable. You will need to purchase it from Amazon, e.g. here.


Permanently switch to wired internet (“ethernet”): Use shielded ethernet cables (with metal ends), together with grounded ethernet adapters (USB-to-ethernet | thunderbolt-to-ethernet | USB-C-to-ethernet), to connect your computers to your ethernet router. Then manually shut off wifi and Bluetooth on your computers. (For wired iPads & iPhones, see Section 2.)

TURNING OFF THE WIFI If it isn’t easy to turn off your router’s wifi, call your ISP. If you have cable internet, you can buy your own “no-wifi” Surfboard modem, along with your own router with a wifi on/off button.

SWITCHES Using a switch ($16) can be very handy. Think of it like a wired internet splicer – with one ethernet cable input and 4+ outputs.


OPTION 1: Direct ethernet cables

Run long ethernet cables directly from your wired router to other rooms and through your attic, crawlspace and basement.

OPTION 2: Use Multimedia Over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA) adapters

MoCA 2.0 adapter s make a whole-home wired solution simple and cost-effective. MoCA uses your home's built-in coaxial cable TV network, so you can bring wired connectivity to each room with a cable TV jack -- without conflict to your cable TV service! Use these

MoCA 2 adapters by Actiontec ($170 for set of 2) with this POE filter to keep your network secure. MoCA is safer, faster and more secure than wireless. And unlike Powerline adapters, MoCA does not produce dirty electricity. Put one adapter at your router & one in each room you want internet. Here’s a usage video. To implement, you can either DIY or contact a building biologist near you.

TIP: Consider an EMF-Testing Meter

For an economical wireless testing meter, we recommend the Safe and Sound RF Detector ($171 with coupon code TBYP-5), produced by Safe Living Technologies in Canada. If you don’t need the exact numbers, but instead just want to see (and hear!) if the wireless levels are “slight, moderate, high, or extreme” according to published science, then this is the product for you.

We also recommend the Cornet ED88TPlus ($180 w/ free shipping), a “tri-field” device, which provides an accurate read on wireless (radiofrequency / “RF”), magetnetic (low frequency) and electric (extra low frequency) field strength. This has a “peak hold” feature which allows you to see the maximum RF levels – very useful for testing a pulsing ‘smart’ meter. And, the Cornet devices can also output sound in real-time, so you can see and hear the intensity of the radiation.


Your cell phone is likely the strongest source of EMF radiation in your life. Even when it is not being used, signals are sent out almost continuously. By default, these close-range radiation pulses go into your body, even in standby mode.

Wherever possible, follow these three principles: reduce use, increase distance and favor hardwired connections. This means landline corded telephones, and hardwired “ethernet” connections to computers and cell phones.

The “inverse-square” law for radiation intensity means that it is highly beneficial to be any amount of distance away from your phone. Even an inch or two helps greatly.

Here are tips for safer use of your phone & iPad:


Distance is your friend. Instead of holding your phone next to your head during a call, always use either “hands free” or a wired earpiece. Turn off Bluetooth and do not use a Bluetooth earpiece.

Turn on Airplane Mode at night when you sleep & as much as possible during the daytime. Do not use the wifi feature unless necessary.

For landlines, replace all wireless phones & base stations with corded phones. Most base stations emit harmful levels of radiation 24/7.


Do not carry your phone on your person.

Blue-tube earpieces ($20-37) reduce cell phone radiation, as they remove any potential antenna effect up to your ear.

Since 3G emits MUCH less radiation, use 3G instead of 4G/LTE, or 5G. On an iPhone, go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Enable LTE and select “Off”. And, turn off Cellular Data entirely if you can.

For reducing your body’s exposure from your cell phone’s EMF, try an EMF-blocking phone sleeve ($39+), with single-sided protection. Why is single-sided preferred? Three points:

1. It maintains your cell signal & connectivity, while protecting your body when, for example, it is in your pocket.

2. Cell phones are designed to increase their power output when the signal is lower. This means that when you have 0 or 1 bars of connectivity, your phone is emitting up to thousands of times more wireless radiation, as it tries to look for a signal. So in this case, not blocking the signal ironically is safer for exposure, while the “body-side” of the sleeve protects you somewhat.

3. With a better cell signal, your phone will save battery life significantly.

You can now “wire” (plug in) your iPhone or iPad, using adapters. Here’s what you need:

1. RJ45 Lightning to Ethernet Adapter ($40)

2. Shielded ethernet cable (with metal ends, not plastic)

Once connected, go into “Settings”, and the “Ethernet” menu item will appear. Ensure Airplane Mode is on, and wifi and Bluetooth are of course off. Use this solution combined with MOCA 2 technology (a fully “wired” home), for max benefit!


1) For Android phones with micro-USB, use this Plugable adaptor ($14).

(Bear in mind, it is highly preferable to use a grounded ethernet adapter and shielded ethernet cable to avoid electric fields.)

2) For iPhones and iPads, most USB-ethernet adapters will get you onto the internet, but they won't protect you from electric fields, because they are not properly grounded. This can drain one’s vitality when holding the device. Also, recent versions of iPhones now have powered lightning ports, so you won't need external power to make this work.

  1. With this solution, your phone will have high-speed internet connectivity, but not cell service. So you may not receive incoming calls and texts. To solve this, try using apps which also work on your home computer, like Telegram or Voxer, and ask your contacts if they would do the same. This may also increase your productivity, collaboration and reduce emails.


  1. Someone please invent an ethernet phone docking station - we will promote it!

Go wired: your office & personal devices

Because they are often next to your skin, your computer’s peripherals, and “wearable” devices, are surprisingly HUGE sources of wireless radiation exposure.

Carpal tunnel, joint inflammation, and other symptoms are at epidemic levels. And scientific studies indicate they are often reduced when you reduce microwave radiation exposure. (Remember, wiring and distance are your friends!)

The good news is that these devices are generally inexpensive to replace with wired alternatives. Here’s how.


Get a wired mouse. Examples are here. Then disable Bluetooth on your computer, which would otherwise continue to transmit even with a wired mouse plugged in.

Get a wired keyboard. Examples are here. As above, be sure to disable Bluetooth on your computer.

Do not use a wireless watch. These devices have clearly been shown to emit unacceptably high amounts of radiation directly on skin. They have often caused rashes in response to EMF radiation exposure.


Connect your printer to your computer with a USB printer cable (use a USB extension cable if necessary) or use an ethernet cable. Then disable the wifi on your printer.

Notes: 1) See your printer’s manual (look it up online) to determine what type of USB cable you need. Here’s a standard printer USB cable which works for most. 2) On an HP, you may need to also disable the separate “HP Direct” wifi transmitter.


  1. Improve YOUR sleep, and your fertility

Men: Science shows that sperm counts are dropping rapidly, and that one of the primary causes is EMF radiation. So, protect not only “your boys”, but the women and kids in your life. Also, watch this Message to Dads About Wireless Safety.

Women: sometimes us guys need some straight-talk. You don’t need extra encouragement to follow these tips…


Do not use wireless baby monitors. These emit unacceptably high amounts of wireless radiation.

Unplug clocks and other powered devices at night - and move them away from sleeping locations. These emit a subtle magnetic field shown to effect biology. (And put phones in Airplane Mode at night!)


Turn off breaker switches to bedroom circuits at night. Try this for a couple of weeks, then hire an electrician to install a set of contactors and remote switch to enable you to remotely shut off these circuits. Contact a Building Biologist for help, either in person or over the phone.

An EMF Blanket ($250+) on top of your comforter can help improve sleep by protecting you from wireless frequencies. There are Child-sized Blankets ($260), and Bed Canopies ($360+). For the best outcome, reduce electric fields by shutting off breakers and using blanket and bed canopy fabrics that you can ground with a plug-to-gator patch cord ($9).


1. Dirty Electricity

Also known as voltage transients, “dirty electricity” (DE) affects our health by radiating electric and magnetic fields into rooms from harmonic frequencies above the standard 60 Hz cycle.

Importantly, DE flows downstream and upstream on circuits from its source and can even hop from circuit to circuit within your house and come in from neighbor’s houses. An oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyzer is the most accurate way to identify DE levels.


Minimize your use of the following, which produce DE: dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), ‘smart’ meters, older LEDs and halogen fixtures, variable speed motors (such as energy-efficient furnaces), front-load washing machines, power tools, certain pool pumps, and all solar panel inverters.

For lighting, use incandescent, or new halogen incandescent light bulbs, which run straight off 120 volts and have no DE. Newer LEDs are also getting brighter, more affordable and cleaner (meaning, less DE). You can now even purchase “line-voltage” LEDs that run straight off 120 Volts. They don’t need a switched mode power supply, which causes DE.


Stetzer Electric and Greenwave offer plug-in filters, which help to reduce DE. To minimize a possible local magnetic field, be sure to check for wiring errors.

If you plan to install solar panels, expect to have some DE. Sunny Boy/SMA inverters and micro-inverters such as Enphase reduce better than other brands, but they still leave some DE

The best whole-house DE mitigation system we have come across is the SineTamer, which installs at the power panel. This product indicates a superior reduction in DE, often utility bill savings, and often significant health improvements. See videos and testimonials.

2. Magnetic and Electric Fields

Magnetic fields, along with electric fields, are the two most overlooked, yet common and harmful, types of EMF that there are in everyone's home. They comprise a cornerstone of the service provided by Building Biologists.

Remember, wireless-shielding paint and other materials do not block AC magnetic fields.

Many of the tips in this section are more advanced and require professional assistance.


Keep away from point sources of magnetic field exposure, such as transformers and motors. Fortunately, those fields drop off quickly, within a couple of feet or so. Distance is your friend when it comes to point source magnetic fields


Using a Gauss meter, measure the level of AC magnetic fields in your home to determine where you exceed a safety threshold of 1.0 mG.

Note: If the overhead or underground outside utility power lines cause magnetic fields inside your house well above 1.0 mG, work with a Building Biologist to see if the utility can find and fix a broken neutral on their power lines to one of the houses in the neighborhood. If not, you would need to consider relocating.

Insert a TV cable isolation filter into incoming TV cables that carry current.


Hire a Building Biologist to measure the level of AC magnetic fields in your home. If need be, they could also help an electrician and plumber fix wiring errors and electric current on your metal water service supply pipe that cause these magnetic fields.


If you live close to 4G cell towers or a new 4G/5G small cell antenna goes up near your house, shielding materials can play a vital role in helping to protect your home and family.

These are also effective shielding options for reducing RF exposure from ‘smart’ meters, broadcast towers, and your neighbor’s wifi and other emissions. Incoming RF radiation can be shielded by various materials, depending upon frequency.


Refuse or opt-out of your electric, water and gas utility’s ‘smart’ meter program, if possible. If not, shield your meters with a ‘smart’ meter guard, such as from here or here. You can also use creative wall shielding such as this or this.


To shield from 4G and 5G cell signals in the low- to mid- cell phone band (below 6 GHz), wifi, ‘smart’ meters and neighbor’s routers and other emissions, these methods are effective:

• RF-shielding paints (Y-Shield, CuPro-Cote, Ecos, and Air Pure)

copper mesh, aluminum mesh & aluminum building foil

• most wireless-shielding fabrics

Note: Copper, aluminum mesh, and most fabrics unfortunately lose their effectiveness above 12-18 GHz, which means they won't be helpful to protect from 5G signals in the 24, 28 and 39 GHz range.

Windows will need either transparent window film, metal-mesh insect screen, or fabric curtains, such as VeilShield or a combination of these products. Use your EMF meter to measure before and after you apply shielding. Contact a Building Biologist to help design your shielding project.


For the above-20 GHz wave 5G high-band (i.e. the millimeter wave spectrum), the only effective shielding measures will be the paints and aluminum building foil listed above.


  1. The 5G Crisis: Accountability & Awareness Summit


The most urgent focus of our time is how corporations are imposing their agendas against our will - and risking our safety, rights and our children’s future.

This unique summit is about humanity coming together to ignite awareness and change our situation.

The 5G Crisis summit is providing direct access to 35+ leading scientists, experts and social leaders, who are bringing forward crucial information.

Click here to save your spot to watch the Summit FREE, Aug 26–Sept 1, 2019.

And then, please do one of the following to help us spread the word:

1) SHARE the link: the5Gsummit.com

2) BECOME an affiliate: the5gsummit.com/affiliate/

2. Grassroots websites

There are hundreds of organizations popping up everywhere. Here are several:

• SafeG Alliance (USA)

• 5G Space Appeal: An International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and In Space (sign it)

• 5GCrisis.net (USA)

• 5G Exposed (UK)

• 5GInformation.net (USA)

• Americans For Responsible Technology (USA)

• Center for Safer Wireless (USA)

• Children’s Health Defense (USA)

• Corbett Report

• ECSFR (Australia)

• ElectricSense

• EMF Health Summit

• EMF Safety Network (California)

• EMF Warriors

• EMFoff!

• Environmental Health Trust

• KeepYourPower.org (Hawaii)

• Last Tree Laws (Mass., USA)

• My Street, My Choice (California)

• Our Town, Our Choice (USA)

• Parents For Safe Technology (USA)

• Physicians For Safe Technology

• SaferEMR (Dr. Joel Moskowitz)

• Scientists For Wired Technology (California)

• Stop5GGlobal.org (Australia)

• Take Back Your Power

• Technocracy.news

• Telecom Power Grab (USA)

• The Conscious Resistance (USA)

• WhatIs5G.info

• WirelessEducation.org

• Wireless Information Network (USA)

• Zero5G


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