Keith Ritman
by on April 13, 2022
Again I would like to talk about designed failure. Specifically pertaining to SD Memory Cards. Everything is being done to prevent the public from OWNING anything. Especially Video and Audio.
If you have a copy of an audio file or a video that the party has chosen to alter and present as fact, it gets harder to do so if multitudes of people possess the original.
To this end the Memory Consortium or whatever has conspired to intentionally cause their Solid State Memory to have a significantly shorter data retention time (should be infinity) by building in read/write limits. The brainwashed and conditioned will insist that those limits are so high that you can never reach them. These sheep are wrong. I go through a SD card every six months because I over work my SD card by storing my music, Video and movies. I'm not stupid I have several backups ad perform new ones monthly, But that is not the point. It is an inconvenience to have to buy a new card and download a terabyte of data and they do it on purpose because lazy sheep will merely not and stream the party altered version only to become a believer that the original does not exist.
Something to think about!
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