Keith Ritman
by on April 27, 2022
The drama so far.
Leftist Demented San Diego County is maintaining an unpermitted, 100% Illegal storm water channel through our property.
Qualified lawyer's are useless when asked to fight the county in fear of losing their license to practice.
Property fined illegally through intentional misdirection of mail, fines now equal to more than the purchase value of the property.
County then purports that our Manufactured home is a mobile home.
Received proof through HUD that the home meets ONLY the Manufactured home Definitions, county intentionally ignores the definitions and calls it a mobile home any way, incurring more court's, fees and fines.
Final decision, purchase property out of Commiefornia. Take house there, start over.
Located and purchased, geographically isolated property in New Mexico
Survey performed to locate property boundaries.
Trailer frame's and tongue repaired and re welded.
Acquired NM civil code pertaining to design specifications for liquid waste systems.
Obtained homeowners guide to passing self installation test. To certify septic system and installation.
Located USED Axles and Wheels for house so it can be transported to new property.
Currently scraping together purchase costs for TWO sets of axles/wheels required to safely transport house.
Projected purchase of first set 5/1 if Birthday money (5/22) holds out and nothing else breaks down.
Arrangements made to safely transport me (as a birthday gift) to Site in NM for visual property inspection and weekend birthday get away.
Remaining tasks:
Build perimeter fence 600' of 6' horse fencing on T-Posts plus a 20' sliding gate (2 months of Jens salary plus labor cost)
Pass County self install test for liquid waste system.
Rent storage
Obtain Address for property (to transport materials to.)
Locate, purchase, and transport small travel trailer to occupy while prepping site for home set up.
Separate Manufactured Home at seam, install axles, tongue and wheels.
Rent two Dodge 3500 or equivalent to move house.
Obtain permits to transport home across three states roadways.
Move house to site.
Save up $5000 for assembly of house on foundation's (5 months Jens salary)
Have septic system dug and installed (seepage pit type) (4 months Jens salary plus labor costs)
Locate area and dig a well (while paying to have water delivered for use while digging and plumbing well.)
Move into home now in new mexico. (Couple years? Lol)
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