Robert Miller
by on September 4, 2021

Please Call Your North Carolina Representative! -  Fifteen states have already passed the Convention of States resolution, calling for a convention of the states to propose constitutional amendments that will limit federal spending, limit federal power, and set term limits for federal officials. We need 34 states to get to a convention, and there is a strong movement in North Carolina to add North Carolina to that list! For those of you who do not live in North Carolina, you can find your state here -  COSAction - Patriots, this is how We The People make change without having to take up arms and NO ONE wants bloodshed so please let's start our battle here.

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Les Fenton
For those in other states, also consider signing the Convention of States petition to tell your state representative that you would like your state to join this. We still need 19 states to join the resolution (34 state total).
October 24, 2021