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The Patriot Brotherhood

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Labor Day Edition: 



“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.


That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.


Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” ? Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence


Free Legal Help For Those Facing Forced Vaccination

Contact   if your civil liberties are being violated.  They are a legal, non-profit organization to defend, without charge, for those that cannot defend themselves. If your employer or school is forcing vaccination, etc.

This site keeps up with the CDC VAERS website in reporting Covid Vaccine injuries and deaths:

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data


What to do if Vaccinated - You can beat the virus without any vaccine.


Anyone having information on upcoming protests, rallies, or events they wish to have shared, simply send me an email giving me all the details.  in the subject line tell me the name of the event. You also need to provide me with who you are and something about yourself. I need links to verify your request.




Request your letter here. For further information or questions, visit 


Navy SEAL goes rogue in Iraq (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

Join the support in Ephraim’s cause!!!?  - 

How many of our readers often thought it would be such a noble thing to go out into the world and work/fight to rescue people who were suffering or in danger. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a group of Patriots unite and do this, to go in and save people left what Biden has done in Afghanistan? How many retired:

1 10. USMC Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team

2 9. USAF Pararescuemen, PJ

3 8. US Army 75th Ranger Regiment


5 6. MARSOC Raiders

6 5. US Army Intelligence Support Activity

7 4. USMC Force Reconnaissance

8 3. US Navy Seals

9 2. US Army Delta Force

10 1. DEVGRU, SEAL Team 6


Patriots - I am 63 years old and disable, if my country needed me I would do everything possible to answer the call. With the world today going to shit - don’t you want to make history? Damn being in the news, I could care less of every being called out as either a hero or a fool for my actions. Keep the interviews, if the world never sees my face or knows my name other than PatriotOak I am fine with it. I hate the spotlight...I would be the first to put a bullet in that spotlight. The less the world knows about me the better I like it. Let us start off by making America great and safe again as well as the world as a whole. If you have friends, family or simply know of someone who wants to make a difference, invite them here to The Patriot Brotherhood, and let's make that difference. 


VERNON COLEMAN - IT WILL SOON BE TOO LATE FOR THE CHILDREN - The UK Government downgraded the danger of Covid19 from a high consequence infectious disease on 19th March 2020 (1 week BEFORE the first lockdown) - - They are coming for the children, we have all seen this happening and many parents are fighting back. There is no medical reason for children to get the ‘Jab’.

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine  -  Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science  -  


Exclusive: In secret texts, U.S. military officials lamented leaving Americans behind in Kabul  - President Biden declared to a puzzled country on Tuesday that the U.S. evacuation from Afghanistan was an "extraordinary success," while his Pentagon portrayed a prosaic, workaday process to repatriate Americans still stranded in the war-torn country. But text messages between U.S. military commanders and private citizens mounting last-minute rescues tell a far different story, one in which pleading American citizens were frantically left behind at the Kabul airport gate this past weekend to face an uncertain fate under Taliban rule while U.S. officials sought to spread the blame between high-ranking generals and the State Department. (Biden in my way of thinking has committed Treason).


LINDELL CYBER SYMPOSIUM: The Legacy Media Is Hell-Bent on Keeping the Truth from Americans - In this exclusive interview with The New American, New Mexico State Law Professor David Clements says that in the months following the 2020 presidential election, he witnessed evidence of voter fraud of unprecedented magnitude. “The sheer volume of personal eye-witness accounts,” said Clements, “the expert forensic reports compiled, and credible whistleblowers documenting corruption and destruction of evidence has taken me over nine months to examine…. The American people deserve to know the truth.”


Vax Law Update | September 1, 2021 - Eric Deters the Bulldog gives a Vax Law Update: September 1, 2021. He and others are fighting for your rights.


US military had drone lock on Kabul suicide bomber, didn't take the shot: former official - (Why Not), Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Pardo-Maurer spoke about the suicide bombing at the Kabul International Airport on Thursday, saying that the "Department of Defense already knew who the bomber was." Director of MRC Latino, Jorge Bonilla posted the interview with Pardo-Maurer said the Department of Defense also knew "where and when" the attack would happen. He said that "a Predator drone had a lock on him," and that the DOD "refused to grant permission to fire upon that bomber."


Report: Oklahoma Congressman Missing After Secret Rescue Attempt in Afghanistan - Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) has reportedly gone missing after attempting a rogue evacuation mission to rescue five American citizens that President Joe Biden’s administration left behind in Afghanistan. 


BIDEN TRIPS WHILE TAKING VICTORY LAP! - Please do yourself and humanity a favor by visiting Mark Passio's website (the bulk of his work is found in the "videos" and "podcasts" tabs). Even the slides and images are gold. Check it out if you wish to understand What On Earth Is Happening better than 99.99% of the human population. This is the reddest red pill that ever red-pilled; it's not for the faint of heart. What On Earth Is Happening Great point Mark makes about Creepy Joe when talking to the Gold Star families and talking about "me, me, me, my son died, my son was ..." - it's all about him. As Mark said, his son didn't die in combat to protect others.


Hey Joe, Why Are You Mad, Bro? - President Joe Biden addressed the nation yesterday, and the speech wasn’t uplifting at all. Biden's speech had a little angry tone, but press secretary Jen Psaki didn’t see the speech as angry. The media is starting to see the crack in the administration and question why President Biden was angry. Joe Biden took “responsibility,” but blamed the Trump administration, Afghans, and Americans still STUCK in Afghanistan.


Mother Smacks Down School Board Over "Antifa" Teacher - At last night's school board meeting for the Natomas Unified School District, parents went off on the board following the latest expose from Project Veritas showing one of their teachers pushing communist propaganda on students. 

Antifa Teacher CONFRONTED After Video Exposes Classroom Indoctrination  -  Project Veritas Exposes Antifa Indoctrination in the Classroom 


ICU NURSE: "You're being lied to about COVID." - There are extremely effective ways of treating and preventing covid and big pharma and the government is doing everything they can to keep people from knowing it because they are making insane amounts of money selling you vaccines. 


Taking A Stand In The Tyrannical Land Down Under - Australia has been the one country to openly announce it is the New World Order. Those in positions of authority have usurped authority and have tyrannically attacked the people they are to serve. We have seen people by the hundreds of thousands take to the streets and parks to protest against the tyranny and still, it continues.


Most of us have had a wonderful life but the Pandemic has changed everything. Most of our Politicians are not that bright but it's really the media who has caused the panic. Says one viewer. While it is true that Covid-19 is real - there was no real pandemic other than the one created by Deep State and social media. 


Mike Lindell Hit Hard — Paying Price For Supporting Trump - MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been paying a steep price for promoting his belief that the 2020 presidential election had issues with it that caused Joe Biden to win unfairly. Please help support Lindell in his fight.


Justice Department begins requiring federal agents wear body cameras - I don’t know why it took so long in making this happen.


"Today is about the fall of the United States!" Brigitte Gabriel Responds to Biden Press Conference - The American leadership on the world stage orchestrated the whole Afghanistan screw up! You own this Joe - face what comes next.


MrTruthBomb2: THE STORM - from “Election Deception Part 11 - THE LAW OF WAR” - Yep - to date there are 11 parts to this piece by MrTruthBomb.  A good many in my family feel that I am the black sheep of the family. I have always detested corruption of power. I am a freethinker, I question everything, I have always searched for the truth, I have always walked the path least taken, I have a curious nature about the mysteries of life, and have always been drawn to conspiracy theories. I never go along to get along. I never follow trends, I make them. I have always stood up for the little guy. I hate being told how to live my life. I have always pushed back against tyranny. God has blessed me with amazing intuition and a high level of sensitivity to people's energies.


The Mark Kaye Show: WHY JOE BIDEN IS THE PRESIDENT - America’s ice-cream tester! When one has been in the political arena for 50 years, one knows many things - in Biden’s case he’s forgotten most of what he knew. 


SIMON PARKES & SHERIFF MACK’S IMPORTANT UPDATE - Simon & Sheriff Mack talk about Robert David Steele, 9/11, Tucson Police Officers Covid Mandate March, Vaccine Companies Emergency Use Deadline, and More…


Stew Peters Show: "Source: Taliban Offered Kabul to U.S., Biden Refused" - Drew Berquist is a counterterrorism specialist, deployed to Afghanistan over 30 times, and he joined Stew Peters to discuss the INTENTIONALLY planned fall of Afghanistan which will lead to China's takeover and most definitely the re-deployment of U.S. forces to the region.


ChristianPatriotNews: Lin Wood: It's Time For War! Trump's STILL Our President! EPIC Speech #Fight Back #Save Our Children - Ask yourself something, what are the possibilities that depopuLation is the agenda of EVERY continent and only a certain percentage of individuals are going to be granted life. why else would "they '' force a free vaccination (injection) when any other Life-sustaining Medication costs are through the roof! #WakeUpPeople? Did anyone see Dr. Carol Baker talking about getting rid of white people because we won't take vaccines? She said blacks and Hispanics will take it. Only 29 percent of blacks are vaxxed in New York.


Major Victory - Vax Battle | September 1, 2021 - Eric Deters the Bulldog gives a Vax Battle Update on Mandate Vaccines and the fight against them. 


FEMA Whistleblower Warns of their endgame - Must watch

Celeste Solum a FEMA whistleblower explains why we’re running out of time. She exposes their endgame. More about her at 


Situation Update, Sep 1st, 2021 - The unvaccinated will inherit the Earth with "super powers" compared to the vax-damaged - Vaccine pushers are trying to divide the world into vaxxed vs. unvaxxed by denying unvaccinated people access to society (via vaccine passports). But they’re in for a shock… and a twist. The real division that will unfold is between the damaged vaccinated people vs. the undamaged unvaccinated people.


A video or movie has just been shared with me. While it is but a story written by another I believe We The People will one day soon share the same fate. The Chekist (1992) - EN subtitles on Vimeo

Please - do not dare tell me that nothing like this could ever happen in America. America is a great country filled with brave Patriots...many of our so-called Patriots have become sheep being led to slaughter! We have become a nation of fools with our heads up our ass. 

Every time we freely give into our government's mandates we lose a part of ourselves. What you are watching has not yet happened but it could be just around the corner.  Every country in the world that has been taken over forcefully must have thought at some point that this could never happen to hear over and over to follow the science - screw the science, follow the history. Oh wait - it is not that easy because our history is being removed. I hope and pray that I pissed a lot of you the hell off to the point that you start questioning our government, what you see and hear in the media, stop trusting in the medical field, and what is taught in our schools.

Patriots - united among one another, organize strongholds away from those who wish you harm. Train as an elite form for the days ahead. I am but an old man and can only offer a means to communicate between you. I am disabled but not dead...yet. Should the need arise I can and will pull a trigger to protect my country - can you say as much? 

Take what I say any way you wish - I am not calling for violence but rather a means to protect that which all of us claim to love - freedom! 

The video is reached a bit - or is it? It is time Patriots - where do you stand?


Why Is The Government Now Preparing For An Invasion Of A “Rogue Regime?” New Bill Sends Shockwaves! - From what I can tell they are still talking about a ‘Black-Out’ Internet system that may stop working - when no one is sure.


Situation Update, Sep 2, 2021 - Top FDA vaccine officials RESIGN to avoid prosecution for crimes against humanity (EXPLICIT) - It’s fascinating that two senior FDA officials who have overseen decades of mass vaccinations have now finally reached the end of their tolerance for crimes against humanity.


Jim DeMint: Afghanistan crisis was not an accident - The chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute, Jim DeMint, said the Afghanistan crisis is the worst foreign policy disaster of his lifetime. One America's John Hines has more from Washington.


EXPOSED! - Experts DESTROY Vaccine Propaganda! - The TRUTH Is UNSTOPPABLE! - The title says it all.


‘QAnon Shaman’, facing 28 years in prison, cuts deal with federal prosecutors over Jan. 6 riot - Thirty-three-year-old Jacob Chansley will appear via video link in a federal court in Washington, D.C., at 11 a.m. EDT for a hearing regarding his plea arrangement, according to court documents cited by a number of media outlets. The terms of Chansley’s plea arrangement were not immediately known, but reports said he faced up to 28 years in prison for taking part in the breach, stemming from six charges after being arrested at his Phoenix home days after the riot.


FREEING CLASSROOMS FROM IDEOLOGY: THE FIGHT AGAINST CRITICAL RACE THEORY - A Just the News - Real America's Voice news special focusing on the efforts in Washington, states and local communities to fight Critical Race Theory featuring Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., Dr. Ben Carson, Heritage Action for America's Jessica Anderson, and parents who are fighting their school boards.



Are you opposed to the Covid vaccine and mask mandates? Meet the Miami mother who is FIGHTING BACK! Learn how you can, too! Gov Bill Lee just signed an executive order to impose upon the citizens of Tennessee FEMA camps for those of us who will not comply with the jab. Do yourself a favor - get behind and help The ‘Momma Bears’.


Forced Vaccinations Coming Using “Range of Tools” - The Pentagon has a “range of tools” to compel military service members to get the COVID-19 vaccine after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fully approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine last month, officials said on Thursday. (Someone please tell me how in the hell our Pentagon can force our Military to take anything such as the killer ‘Jab’. How in the world can the FDA approve something they know is unsafe? People - Do Not Comply!) Red Cross Vaccine Alert — You Gotta Hear This  -  CDC 80% of US adults have some immunity to COVID - A recent survey of blood donations has found that more than 80% of Americans over the age of 16 have some level of immunity to COVID-19 — a figure that could have massive implications on the country’s public health policy moving forward. (So why take the vaccine? I repeat, Do Not Comply!)


David Kallman: What Precedent Is There for Challenging Mandates - Lawyer David Kallman discusses what sort of procedures could be used to challenge invasive vaccine mandates. Being against tyranny and discrimination under the guise of medical security is a part of fighting against these mandates. Freedom is freedom! we need to go back to living under the original constitution. David Kallman Comes on to Talk About First Amendment Rights, Personal Liberties, and More! - It is sad and shameful that we have to fight organizations and corporations for our freedom but if that is what it takes then so be it. 


A CONVERSATION WITH JASON Q SIMON PARKES & CHARLIE WARD - Awareness is the key with many different locks


NEW VIDEO - 9.2.21 Patriot Streetfighter Intel Update: Calling Down The Thunder - Intel Update, Pain is coming economically very soon, Patriots are fighting back at the school board and county supervisor levels. What is the Plan? Is there actually a plan? It used to be a lonely place- “being in the know” and watching everyone scamper around and telling you, “you’re crazy or stupid”. Honestly, I’m trying to find out everything I can about that bacteria they were experimenting within 1918. It was a form of Meningitis. Meningitis has traditionally attacked the brain, but I believe they were trying to find a way to make it attack your lungs. They were injecting it into horses in 1918 before they forced everyone in the military to take it who then went around the world for WW1. That’s one way a disease that was Man-made could have been spread all over the world? Why is one of the possible side effects of the so-called Covid Vaccine “Meningitis?” Masked Mandates 100 years later.


Breaking: President Biden orders declassification review of 9/11 probe documents - We are all aware that Biden is a snake in the grass and he does nothing that doesn’t benefit him personally. Why now - why is he declassifying documents of 9-11? Is it because he screwed up and felt that by doing this he might rewin the public favor? Biden signed an executive order directing the Department of Justice and other agencies to oversee the review — and ordering Attorney General Merrick Garland to release any declassified documents publicly over the next six months. Both Biden and the FBI are liars so please don’t believe everything they tell you.


NEW VIDEO - Ep. 2568b - [Zero-Day] Is Approaching, Narrative Push, Countermeasures In Place -  Make Yourself Anonymous Online! Protect everything you do. The Deep State is now preparing for [zero-day], they know the truth is coming out and more states are now looking to audit their election results. The AZ forensic audit report is going to be released around the end of September. The narrative is being built, FB is now removing political posts, Twitter put into place to block users, Amazon is now going to remove sites that they do not want and now the fake news/Deep State is pushing that the sun is acting up and we could see the internet hit by a solar storm. (Patriots - this is coming...believe it or not that is up to you!)


Enrol Now In Lee Dawson's Patriots Self Defence Course For Beginners - Be prepared!


There is HELL COMING - Hell is coming Patriots - on which side will you be standing when it gets here?


The Final Hour! Insider Drops MEGA Bombshell You Can’t Afford To Miss! Elite Feverishly Prepare! - Brace for what is coming. Go local- help keep the money in your communities & not in the coffers of big corp biz's. Community co-op gardens w/group canning & preserving classes.


Voting Machine Investigation Launches In Colorado – FBI Joins Probe Into Elections Equipment Password Breach - Colorado will be conducting a criminal investigation into a security breach. And the FBI is involved now as well. In my way of thinking - not a good thing to have the FBI anywhere near this...just saying.


Please Call Your North Carolina Representative! -  Fifteen states have already passed the Convention of States resolution, calling for a convention of the states to propose constitutional amendments that will limit federal spending, limit federal power, and set term limits for federal officials. We need 34 states to get to a convention, and there is a strong movement in North Carolina to add North Carolina to that list! For those of you who do not live in North Carolina, you can find your state here -  COSAction - Patriots, this is how We The People make change without having to take up arms and NO ONE wants bloodshed so please let's start our battle here. Here is a list of modern leaders who have officially endorsed the Convention of States Project - Endorsements - COSAction

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