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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” ― Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence


DML Podcast Sep 16: Doctor tells Biden he regrets voting for him, but there’s an anti-Trump twist to the story. - The doctor explains his position on the vaccines and Biden’s poor leadership. But then DML asks the doctor to explain why he voted for Biden. The doctor reveals he’s a McCain – Republican who wouldn’t vote for Trump. 


Biden Was Warned By General In Charge Of U.S. Forces In Afghanistan That Intel Was Bad - Gen. Austin Miller, the Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, told Biden that the intel saying that the Afghanistan Army could hold off the Taliban for 1 to 3 years was bad. It was closer to 1 to 3 days.


9.13.21: When ALL seems LOST, we CONTINUE to STAND STRONG! INSPIRATION continues! PRAY! - Terri said - The hospital staff most likely panicked and killed her off. An autopsy will prove this and the center and all staff involved can be sued for murder. I feel so bad for these families. I've been sick for a while and REFUSE to go to a CA hospital as I watched my husband die from stage 1 cancer in 8/months. Don't tell me we aren't being murdered... It is happening. I'll never trust Kaiser again. Pure evil doctors working in their facilities.


We Are Domestic Terrorists!?!?!?! Wake Up Call 09-15-2021 - As more people stand up the government will demonize us label us and in time murder us. Their owners make sure this is the natural progression and they follow their orders!


Request COVID-19 vaccine religious exemptions: www.JacksonLahmeyer.com 



Get the 100% Affordable & Effective COVID-19 Treatments At:



The Patriot Hour Live Show Special With Mel K - The new tyrant in New York even voted in by the people? I don't feel she's going to do anything about Cuomo or anything else positive for the people. How are these criminals constantly being put into place? Could it be possible that she is on Soros's payroll?


Chase Bank Welcomes Commies, Rejects Patriots - Quick interview with Maryam Henein, a previous guest, who recently had her Chase business account canceled without notice or explanation. Meanwhile, CCP IS PERFECTLY FINE AND THE FINANCIAL SECTOR IS BEING TAKEN OVER BY COMMIES!


Ep. 1606 Was Pelosi Involved In A Coup? - The Dan Bongino Show - The Mark Milley scandal explodes. Three questions must be answered. The rebellion has begun. In this episode, I also show a video of people fighting back against leftist tyranny. Pelosi being at the heart of this is no surprise.


Trump calls upcoming rally in DC a ‘setup’ designed to nail GOP; says ‘disaster’ McConnell’s got to go - In an interview with The Federalist, Trump warned against the Sept. 18 rally that is planned for the U.S. Capitol. He called it a “setup” that is intended to disparage Republican voters no matter what happens. “On Saturday, that’s a setup,” Trump bluntly stated. “If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.” Democrats are having new fencing installed on Capitol Hill. Additionally, the Capitol Police have issued an emergency declaration that will allow the deputization of outside law enforcement as “special” Capitol Police officers during the demonstration.


Lara Logan: Biden Told OSHA to Hide Info on Vaccine Side Effects


BREAKING: We Have The Fiɾѕt Dᴜɾham Indictment and It Haѕ Tieѕ Tᴏ The Clintᴏnѕ! - Special Counsel John Durham seeks to indict DNC lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI re: meeting done on behalf of the Clinton campaign.


JUST IN: DeSantis Responds To Biden Administration Limiting Monoclonal Antibodies Due To Shortage - Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) responds to the Biden Administration's announcement that it will limit the number of monoclonal antibodies sent to states due to fears of a shortage. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there is no shortage. It is simply Joe Biden attempting to play hardball. They're withholding a legitimate treatment out of political spite. 


Attorney for Clinton campaign indicted in U.S. Trump-Russia probe - This marks the second criminal case Durham has filed since former Attorney General William Barr tapped him in 2019 to investigate U.S. officials who probed the Trump-Russia contacts. Trump, a Republican, portrayed the 2016 FBI investigation as part of a witch hunt.


Americans turning backs on Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi

Music to our ears! According to a new McLaughlin & Associates poll, voters have unfavorable views of President Biden, Vice President Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer. We The People put these clowns in office, why is it so hard to remove them?


Soaring through the roof: Vaccine deaths skyrocket - The U.S. government database that keeps track of deaths from vaccine side effects has exploded by 10-fold since the advent of COVID-19, and the experimental vaccines that have been developed in response. Since COVID was unleashed on the world, "there have been 14,701 deaths reported," the report said.


See Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, Harris, Psaki forcefully oppose vaccine mandates - A video supercut produced by Grabien News shows that before President Biden's vaccine mandates, top Democratic leaders, including Biden himself, were adamant that requiring people to take a vaccine was unprecedented, unenforceable and, ultimately, not within the authority of the federal government.

Doctors form new alliance to combat censorship of lifesaving COVID info - Addressing an "unprecedented assault" on the freedom to care for their patients, 15 physicians who have spoken out against what they describe as government and media disinformation and censorship during the coronavirus pandemic have formed a new alliance.


SPOTLIGHT: ILLINOIS ORGY—ROME CONNECTION premieres Monday, Sept. 20 after Catholic Info Hour at 7 PM ET - It's a pity. It's the puppet masters behind the scenes that I hold responsible for putting President Biden out front with his obvious limitations. Do they think this is funny? I don't like Joe, but this is elder abuse. The man is cognitively impaired. It doesn't take a neurologist to determine that. I don't know how advanced or its cause, but beyond the danger to our country, human compassion calls for the merciful removal of Mr. Biden from office.


BREAKING: Trump Gives Highly Coveted Endorsement To Libs’ Worst Nightmare - Constitutional Attorney, Matt DePerno is a devout Christian, a devoted husband and father, an American patriot, and a hero. Today, he got the highly coveted, well-deserved endorsement of America’s most powerful Republican, President Donald J. Trump.


9.14.21 PATRIOT STREETFIGHTER INTERVIEW W/ DR. CORDIE WILLIAMS, 1776 FOREVER FREE - Patriots hold the power over what happens next!


Weaponizing Crisis: Exposing the Hidden Hand After January 6 | Glenn TV | Ep 136 - Give a listen

Past Webinar Recordings – Dr. Charlie Ward you need to listen.

MURDER FOR MONEY! Patients Held Hostage, MASSIVE Hospital Shutdowns! - Dr. Jane Ruby joins the Stew Peters Show to reveal the dangers COVID patients are encountering in hospitals in America, particularly "unvaccinated" patients presenting with COVID-like symptoms! Dr. Zelenko stated "if they had used Hydroxy therapy, Ivermectin, from the start of Covid, it would have saved 500,000 of the 600,000 innocent Americans that died, it is criminal that Govt had 70 million doses of Hydroxy locked for 2 years in a DC FEMA warehouse! Only because Trump said Hydroxy should be available to the people! Whoever made the decision to block Hydroxy, should be criminally charged! The Nuremberg Code: The Universal Right of Informed Consent to Medical Interventions has been Recognized in US Law Since at least 1914 


 HERO DOCTOR Acts Quickly, Saves Life Using PROPER TREATMENT! - As the doctor says below, hospital admissions should be at their lowest but are not – a lot of admissions are due to the vaccinated. Further, emergency units are not overflowing. He estimates that around 3,000 doctors and nurses are going to quit.



LEAKED VIDEO! Docs Push Fear LIES - Kabala Harris Admits Vaxx Doesn't Work - DeAnna Lorraine joined Stew Peters to reveal the LIES of the doctors caught on tape trying to think of ways to coerce people into getting jabbed. Kabala Harris admits the "vaccine" doesn't work! A huge change is coming in the medical industry. Those doctors who complied with the CDC will be fighting major malpractice cases. Their credentials should be taken away. Matter of fact, they should be charged for crimes against humanity.


CHIP ROY: Do Not Comply - More Representatives, Senators, and governors would stand up like Chip Roy! Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. 👉 https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data it's time to stand against this BS!!!!! Do not vaccinate your teens and children.


Be Like Florida: Demand Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibodies in Your State - A Facebook user offered amazing testimony about her experience receiving monoclonal antibodies in Florida after she was exposed to someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. Florida resident Andrea Gainey explains that the process for the treatment is easy and the website to sign up is user-friendly. The process took “three minutes” and arrived 30 minutes after she signed up. Gainey describes caring and efficient healthcare workers and a process run like a well-oiled machine.


Medical Tyranny: Hospitals Refuse Life-Saving Ivermectin - Families Fight for the Lives of their Loved Ones (Video) - In one case, a coronavirus patient on a ventilator was given a “zero percent” chance of survival. The daughter fought the hospital to give her mother ivermectin, and now the mother is home healing. 


TREASON: 124k+ Afghans Not Known, Vetted or Tested for Covid Before Coming to America - The State Department literally does not know who the tens of thousands of alleged Afghanistan citizens are that they are pushing into the United States, much less whether they have illnesses such as the coronavirus...a blanket humanitarian exemption was issued for the requirement of pre-departure COVID testing for all individuals the U.S. government transported by aircraft from Afghanistan. Why in the hell should Americans be forced to take the ‘Jab’ when those from Afghanistan or coming across the border are not - Do Not Comply!


WARNING: Globalists Launch War on Doctors Who Question State Vaccination and Coronavirus Narratives (Video) - An Italian family doctor who questioned the severity of the Chinese coronavirus “pandemic” and vaccine effectiveness has been punished with a one-fifth salary cut for the next five months. The punishment has been imposed on the former medical Air Force officer by the local health service in Turin despite evidence supporting the doctor's claims as true. This physician is one of thirteen medical doctors in Italy and one of many across the free world whose careers are at risk for deviating from the state’s coronavirus narrative.


Beware: Biden Targets Parents - Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Push Vaccine & Mask Propaganda (Video) - The video is part of the Department of Health & Human Human Services (HHS) “Back To School'' coercion campaign. One of the drivers of the effort, naturally, is to shut down dissent as documented in the report “Confronting COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation,” an initiative of left-wing activist and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.


BREAKING: FDA Leaders Quit After Democrat Pressure to Approve Booster Shots & Vaccines for Children - Two leaders at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have announced their decision to step down in the wake of heavy political pressure to approve coronavirus vaccines for children, and further to promote so-called “booster shots''. Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review and 32-year veteran of the agency, will leave at the end of October, and OVRR deputy director Phil Krause, who’s been at FDA for more than a decade, will leave in November. The news, first reported by BioCentury, is a massive blow to confidence in the agency’s ability to regulate vaccines. In a major blow to vaccine efforts, senior FDA leaders stepping downFDA sees growing pressure to authorize vaccines for children under 12 - Numerous Democrats sent a letter to the FDA earlier this month pushing them to approve coronavirus vaccines for children starting at age two.


BAM: Famous Doctor Exposes FDA Ivermectin Lies - Robert W. Malone, MD, the inventor of mRNA Vaccines, slammed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for discouraging the use of ivermectin as a potential treatment or prophylaxis for the coronavirus. Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19 Is a viral Tweet from the FDA condescendingly portraying Ivermectin only as a drug for animals, and therefore unacceptable for human consumption - this is a lie due to the pressure from Biden.


Respiratory Therapist Drops Truth Bombs All Over "COVID" LIES! - More and more healthcare workers are turning to the Stew Peters Show, seemingly the ONLY platform willing to give them a voice as they're villainized for refusing a "vaccine" that they see causing dangerous reactions, FIRST HAND! You hit on what it really is, the "medical INDUSTRY," not health care. If there's one benefit of this pandemic it's that some people are waking up to the scam of modern pharmaceutical-based medicine, in which doctors are little more than drug pushers and dispensers.


30-Year Nurse Exposes MASSIVE Hospital Fraud, FAKE COVID Narrative - The lies continue to pour out of the mouths of politicians and compromised communist journalists, but healthcare workers are coming forward to the platform of truth and exposing those lies on "The Stew Peters Show". In this shot that they want 100% of the population to take but not themselves, congress/Senate, postal workers and judges and no one finds that a little strange. 



Fitton: Documents show Obama FDA buying fetal heads 'fresh, never frozen' - Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton speaks out on new damning documents showing the Obama-era FDA purchased fetal body parts. One America's John Hines has more from Washington. The news is controlled by the Satan worshipers. OAN and Newsmax seem to tell what's really going on. Of course, the democrats and the fake news will say they're the ones lying. That's what Liberals do.



EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW - Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in a historical interview with inarguable fact-based exposure that should be seen by the entire world as an absolute end to the COVID narrative.


Free Legal Help For Those Facing Forced Vaccination

Contact https://www.pacificjustice.org/   if your civil liberties are being violated.  They are a legal, non-profit organization to defend, without charge, for those that cannot defend themselves. If your employer or school is forcing vaccination, etc.

This site keeps up with the CDC VAERS website in reporting Covid Vaccine injuries and deaths:

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data


What to do if Vaccinated - You can beat the virus without any vaccine. You will feel better within 2 days.


Anyone having information on upcoming protests, rallies, or events they wish to have shared, simply send me an email giving me all the details. grandfatheroak76@gmail.com  in the subject line tell me the name of the event. You also need to provide me with who you are and something about yourself. I need links to verify your request.




Request your letter here. For further information or questions, visit https://pacificjustice.org/ 


People, The Patriot Brotherhood does not encourage violence, we do not call for open violence, we hope to stir away from violence - BUT - we do not believe in sticking our tails between our legs and running away from violence. If it comes knocking at your door, face it like a true Patriot - head-on. We are heading into a period that almost none of us have ever seen in this world. It isn’t just here in America but everywhere. It is our humble suggestion that each and every one of you get prepared for some mighty hard times. Stock up on food, buy a shit-load of shells for whatever weapon you own, invest in a generator, gather medical supplies, and learn to pray. Don’t get me wrong, I am not your bible-pumping religious individual but I do believe in a higher power and I know that the power of prayer is real. If we do nothing to make changes there will be no changes and the world as we know it will disappear.  We need to unite as one body then we need to hold rallies, protest...lots of them. They need to be held weekly and when that does not work and they start kicking in our doors...well, use the good sense God gave you to figure out the rest. Be no man's doormat, bend a knee to no one, and if they wish to take your life, make them fight for it! Do not be sheep nor a coward. Fight for your freedom, your right as a human being. Even in the shape America is in it is still the greatest country in the world - let's fight to keep it that way.



The Patriot Brotherhood 

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