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Srila Gaurahari Das

Srila Gaurahari Das

Male. Lives in Tucson, United States. Born on June 14, 1953.
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As a spiritual master or teacher I've been engaged by my predecessors in the Gaudiya Vaishna linage ... View More
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Srila Gaurahari Das
If a person is not vaccine hesitant or a outright decliner, they either have not properly researched, brainwashed by the media, irrationally fearful or probably all of this! Reasons not to get the cov... View More
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Neil Andrew Hendricks
The VA sent me an online survey. They listed about 20 things and asked something like, Of the following, mark three of the best reasons for getting (the jab). I closed the email. The narrative is set. They are NOT interested in hearing or seeing any dissent on the issue of getting the jab. Sons of b... View More
July 20, 2021