White Women With bi racial kids and you Best Not Call it Racist!
LISTEN, I'M NOT RACIST!!!!! And I surely don't discriminate. Anyone is of course welcome to join this group... It's just that sometimes there are just questions that pop up and i'm not quite sure who to ask.  I can say without a doubt that i'm super thankful that I've got a son. It took me 30 years to figure out how to do my hair, if I had a mixed daughter who needed her hair done... she and I both would have been in trouble. Luckily, I have a super handsome caremel linebacker of a son who just gets a fade every few weeks, that I can almost handle. I'm starting this group cause I need advice on things that I couldn't possibly know! like my son says that it hurts to cut his hair... Is he whiny? or could he be telling the truth? I got into a screaming match recently with a friend of mine... my son was crying that his haircut was hurting.. but my friend just seemed to be stretching it out. like almost felt like he was only cutting like 2% of the time.. which means, all he was doing was getting the clippers hot and burning my son.... (yes, i'm a bit overprotective) So when I said something to him, all he could say was.... "but he's black" as if that meant that it had to be a long and drawn out situation. I  have no Idea! And his dad is of course A black man... but he isn't around! if he is its only for a few days and then he's gone again... I'd like to think that its the aspbergers and not a lack of give a fuck for my son. I mean.... he is absolutely amazing! But I hate to say it but (maybe luckily) I think my son may be dealing with a certain amount of  Aspbergers Syndrome as well which just means that he doesn't register to him as hurtful that his dad ghosts him for months at a time.... Anyway, i'm rambling.... but... All of that... all of the above is why I started this page.  And as I said... anyone who might be willing to share some input or  be a sounding board when i'm unsure about something is welcome to join this group. but if nobody joins, i'll understand that too... but One can hope.  And if you read all the way through to this..... bless your heart and i'm sorry for rambling. i'm sure that i'll condense it down and reword  it better at another time. Till then, it is what it is.  
UFO Inquiring Minds
A group where you can feel freed to talk about The Paranormal...away from the relatives, spouses, and nay sayers....and feel comfortable that you are not the only one who knows about these things. UFO past and present, Spirituality, Megaliths, Stone Circles, Magic, Pleiadian, Contactee, Adamski, Paranormal, Spirits, Ghosts, Dowsing, Photography, Video, Conspiracy, Howard Menger, ufo video, footage, orbs, past life, masters of the far east, ethereal, mediums, medium, channeler, witness, spiritualism, psychic. And any other weird or informative subject that comes up to help explain our experience here on this planet and incarnation. We are not alone and have not ever been alone but you cant put proof of this in a test tube and pass the tests of the Gate Keepers who try and shield you from reality with their own reality. We are beyond this ... waiting for the Scientists, Religionists, and Skeptics to give their approval. We have Inquiring Minds and Truth is wherever you find it. We are not waiting for the Government, our own families, or the Religions to dispense truth any more. We are boldly striking out on our own. Other social media sites where UFO Inquiring Minds has a Page: https://mewe.com/group/5a511261e61a4076052428d7 https://xephula.com/groups/ufoinquiringminds?ref=qs https://wego.social/timeline&u=ufoinquiringminds&ref=se https://idw.community/group/ufoinquiringminds https://wimkin.com/groups/4771/ https://www.spreely.com/group/UfoInquiringMinds https://www.minds.com/ufoinquiringminds/ https://yourfreehere.com/groups/86/ https://vk.com/club176891646 https://freetalk.app/UFOINQUIRINGMINDS https://www.facebook.com/groups/924946824201672/
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