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Only good happy news can be posted here. The goal is to infuse hope and happiness, to inspire all even during bleak times.
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Addiction struggles, relapsing, victories, deaths
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I'm opening this group as I believe there is a need for a place to come together for families of addicts, those struggling in addiction, those trying to overcome relapse, and those who are sober and found victory over addiction. It's also a place where friends and families can discuss the death of their loved ones who have died from their addiction, and share coping skills, survival skills and offer support to one another. Addiction affects the employers, coworkers, relatives, family, friends, spouses and children of those addicted. This is a place to come together for encouragement and support. A place to find resources. Please focus your energy on healing.
Caribou Jade Levora
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Bob Dresser
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This group is dedicated to those accounts that may be harassing others and those accounts that are pretending to be who they are not. If you are receiving inappropriate messages from men, this is also the place to put them on blast. Enjoy, but please be sure before you label someone as an account mentioned above
Richard W-S Markos
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White Women With bi racial kids and you Best Not Call it Racist!
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LISTEN, I'M NOT RACIST!!!!! And I surely don't discriminate. Anyone is of course welcome to join this group... It's just that sometimes there are just questions that pop up and i'm not quite sure who to ask.  I can say without a doubt that i'm super thankful that I've got a son. It took me 30 years to figure out how to do my hair, if I had a mixed daughter who needed her hair done... she and I both would have been in trouble. Luckily, I have a super handsome caremel linebacker of a son who just gets a fade every few weeks, that I can almost handle. I'm starting this group cause I need advice on things that I couldn't possibly know! like my son says that it hurts to cut his hair... Is he whiny? or could he be telling the truth? I got into a screaming match recently with a friend of mine... my son was crying that his haircut was hurting.. but my friend just seemed to be stretching it out. like almost felt like he was only cutting like 2% of the time.. which means, all he was doing was getting the clippers hot and burning my son.... (yes, i'm a bit overprotective) So when I said something to him, all he could say was.... "but he's black" as if that meant that it had to be a long and drawn out situation. I  have no Idea! And his dad is of course A black man... but he isn't around! if he is its only for a few days and then he's gone again... I'd like to think that its the aspbergers and not a lack of give a fuck for my son. I mean.... he is absolutely amazing! But I hate to say it but (maybe luckily) I think my son may be dealing with a certain amount of  Aspbergers Syndrome as well which just means that he doesn't register to him as hurtful that his dad ghosts him for months at a time.... Anyway, i'm rambling.... but... All of that... all of the above is why I started this page.  And as I said... anyone who might be willing to share some input or  be a sounding board when i'm unsure about something is welcome to join this group. but if nobody joins, i'll understand that too... but One can hope.  And if you read all the way through to this..... bless your heart and i'm sorry for rambling. i'm sure that i'll condense it down and reword  it better at another time. Till then, it is what it is.  
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Prepare to Survive
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This group is for helping individuals to survive in disasterous situations. Be it a weather related, act of Mother Nature, Socio-Economic disaster, electrical grid down, EMP/CME, or all out crash of the economy, we all need to be prepared for short or long term scenarios. Hopefully this group will inform and help you prepare for the worst, share your thoughts and ideas, but hopefully nothing will happen.
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US Freedom Fighters Survivalist
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US Freedom Fighters. The name says one thing, where as the mission is something completely different. You look at the name and automatically start assuming things like: a militia, people starting a war, people preparing to take on the government, etc.... We say, "no that's not it at all". So then we get called cowards, liars, just people looking to hide, and many more. But have you even stopped to think about the name in a completely different way? Freedom Fighters that are out to prove the government, the elite, and everyone else against our rights wrong. To prove we do NOT need anything they have to offer us. For they think WE the People need them to survive. That we need them in order to protect ourselves AND our families. But the reality is, we really don't need anything from them. All the things they are offering us? We can do ourselves. People were doing it for YEARS! Before they came in and told us that we couldn't. You sit there and ask yourself, "well what can I do that I don't need the government for?" Here is some examples of what you can do: Live off the land! Go back to basic! Only having absolute necessities, eating from the plants and animals of the land like we did for years! Grow your own food! Make your own weapons, such as bow and arrows, and many more that you can think of! We have doctors and nurses who see through the garbage going on, and aren't having any part of it!! With a little bit of different knowledge they can use their training to get back to basic healing!! We can go back to bartering for supplies! We grow our own communities with people we have grown to trust, and with them we work on protecting and surviving together! You say, "well I don't know how to do anything basic, I mean the only food I can cook is in a microwave so how will I live without a microwave?". All of this comes from the knowledge of people around you! The people that will wind up being part of your community you grow that is away from government control! For we know a lot of people aren't going to make it under the governments control! But they believe the government is going to protect them. Those are the people we do NOT want to be!! So yes, if you look at our name one way it is completely opposite of what it is. BUT if you look at it as us fighting to prove to the government and everyone else that we CAN survive and we WILL do it WITHOUT them. Then no, we aren't liars, and we aren't cowards! We are US Freedom Fighters! And without you like minded people we have no chance in surviving anything. For we know we are stronger in numbers. Stronger with knowledge, and stronger with an alliance of every like minded person out there! Don't be afraid to stand up and push back! The government is afraid of us when we come together. They are not afraid of us if we stay separated and scared. Fear and dependence is what got us here. Strength and independence is what will get us out! So come find us! Let's build the communities in your state! Then work on to get a regional community! Strength is in numbers, not in stragglers! We are here to help! We are the defense!
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