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We have our eyes on you. Are you tired of spam accounts, Trolls and those that watch with binocular eyes. Are you tired of trying to decipher which accounts are the person that their profile has them set to be. The spies, the lies, the ones we despise. Well, this group was tailored just for you. As long as we follow the terms of YoReSpot, we should be good. Harassment or violence of any kind towards those that have been exposed is strictly prohibited from any member of this group. That is the quickest way to get Eighty-Sixxed from this group. We are trying to help other members of YoReSpot remove the Snakes and Fakes from their friends that is all, but before you choose to add to this groups wall, please make sure that you are not putting someone on blast without properly checking into them…
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The Hot Flashers - A Natural Peri-Menopause Support Group
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Do you suffer from hormonal issues that you had never imagined you would? Has it impacted your life so much that you feel like you have to put things on hold until you 'feel up to it' or 'feel better'? If you feel this way, please join us in discussing the hell that is Peri-Menopause and natural ways to deal with these atrocious symptoms that many women are made to go through. Unfortunately men never understand, so this is a group for WOMEN ONLY! WARNING About Medications: Please do NOT attempt to push pharmaceuticals of any kind on the members of this group. While I understand that sometimes they can be used as a last resort, we are focused on using natural ways to get through Peri. That is our primary focus here. DISCLAIMER About Soliciting: If you are joining our group in the hopes of selling a product of some sort or advertising yourself or what you do in some way, don't click the join button. We do NOT allow selling or anything being pushed onto our members here and I will immediately delete and ban you if I see that you have joined with that purpose in mind. Our members are going through enough without being bombarded by the likes of you sales vultures. Thank you. GROUP SHARING: While we are not against the sharing of other groups here...we ask that you contact the admin and get permission before doing so. If we feel our group may attract some members at your group, as well...we will do a "Group for Group" share, where you will be allowed to share your group link here if you also allow us to share ours on your group. If you add your link without first getting permission, I may delete your post if you are not cooperative about permission or G4G swapping. This is the same for sharing pages or other websites...though we would not be able to share ours on a webpage as easily. P.S. - ABSOLUTELY NO BLOCKING OF ADMINS (If you feel the need to avoid administration, you do NOT belong here!) or you will be removed, no questions asked! Thank you for your cooperation! - Admin
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