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Just a place for us to connect with each other on different sites. We can also do others like Twitter,etc. Just state what site and how we can find you 🇺🇲🙏💛
Catherine Fisher-Cox
Daniel Tallant
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I do not have all the info on stocks, but what I do have will amaze and entertain. For instance: a level three account will let you hire a company to pick and trade your account for you. Example: My first choice would be 5 percent per week. A couple of years ago they charged $239.00 per month to auto trade your account and make you 5 percent per week. They are not kidding. I requested they email me thier results every week. They did. I can not get a level three account because the option "education" section is so badly written that I failed a section twice. Passed the first 2 or 3 out of 7 sections bareley. and got 33% TWICE on the section that is poorley written. Will quote the section later. 5% per week compounded weekly approaches 300% per year. How about a high dividend stock that pays 33% per year...Not marginable, so forget 66% per year.
Richard McDonough
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1776 to now
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July 4th 1776 to now. So much has happened since we became a nation. From our First President to our current. If you could go back in time to meet any president who would it be and why?What would you say to them?What would you ask them?
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