Todd La Torre - King Of The Rÿche!
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Once upon a time there was a very respected band of musicians, by the name of Queensrÿche, who strove to create the absolute best music and lyrics in the land. They were incredibly successful for several decades, but the "King" or the voice of the band grew ill and could no longer sing or create with the musicians as he once had. Since the band couldn't make music without a voice to sing it, they came across a wonderful singer and musician by the name of Todd La Torre. He was asked to be crowned the new "King" of the band and the amazing music of Queensrÿche continued on. For more news and information about Todd La Torre...go to... Official TLT Site: Official TLT FB Page: TLT's Wikipedia Page: Official QR Site: Official QR FB Page: QR's Wikipedia Page:ÿche Let's keep QR alive...and speak the word!
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Raging Rÿchers - An Exclusive Queensrÿche Community!
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Back in August of 2003 I started a Queensrÿche-related forum called "My Rage For Order", which was obviously dedicated to "Rage For Order"(the greatest QR album of all time...IMHO). Between 2003 to 2010, I used two different forum hosts for my site. The 1st one was rather slow, yet allowed some extras I enjoyed, while the 2nd site was very fast and had many other features I loved. At any rate...the first went on the way-side as things in my life interfered and the 2nd has followed suite, tho it is still alive, but in maintenance mode currently. I have had many requests to re-open it...but I have held off and since decided to begin a group here on Facebook instead...tho I may re-open MRFO eventually somewhere down the line. Just as the RAGE forum was a place for us to let our hair down, talk about QR, music and life in is this group. I do have some basic rules...but these are mainly common sense. I will post those rules, otherwise known as our "Member Agreement", in a note to be observed and respected. While this group celebrates all members, past and present, our primary focus is on the official band in our support of the boys. We do occasionally talk about Geoff Tate, who is the original and former singer of the band, but our main focal point is with Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson, Parker Lundgren and Todd La Torre (the present singer of the band). And just an FYI: If you want to sell or promote yourself/page/group, do NOT do so here without permission from the admin. If you do so without first requesting, it will be deleted and you will be warned not to repeat posting such things here. If you do so again, you will be removed and blocked & never re-added again. As well, if you think you can block an admin and stay in our group, you are sadly mistaken. We WILL reach out to you and ask you to remove the block on the admin(s)...but if you do not do so within 3 days, we will have no choice but to remove you from the group. It is virtually impossible to admin a group with members blocking you. It will NOT be tolerated! Thank you for respecting our group agreement. - The Admins; Lisa & Alyssa
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Red pill press
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Dispensing Red Pills in hope that we can wake the rest of the sleeping sheeple. Always remember God wins and ncswic and always remember wwg1wga
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Right Side Patriots is a hard hitting, no holds barred, conservative radio station reporting the truth the mainstream media will not. Right Side Patriots, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori, are professional political bloggers whose articles and ‘Investigative Reports’ have been published in major online newspaper sites. Together they have almost 20-years experience covering the political arena, including 8-years on air as Right Side Patriots.
The Vinyl Lounge
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Welcome to The Vinyl Lounge... a place to relax and unwind, converse about music, post photos of what's currently spinning on your turntable, your latest vinyl score, your listening space, and your audio equipment. Group Rules: Don't worry, there's only 2 of them. 1. No talk of politics or religion.There are places for that, The Vinyl Lounge is not one of them. 2. No negativity. Don't like a post, keep scrolling. We're all here to have fun right? Besides, how boring would life be if everyone liked the same thing?
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