West Park Neighborhood Crusaders - United For Change!
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Do you live in West Park, Ohio? Have you gotten fed up with the troublemakers pouring into our once peaceful and comfortable area, committing crimes and trying to destroy what we love in our neighborhood? Then we need you to join our team of "crusaders", who want to bring back the West Park we once knew and to stand up for what we love about living here and being a part of a wonderful and supportive community! Please know that we do discuss more than just West Park, or specifically, West Park crime. We also share about our memories ("The Good Old Days") and the things we love in West Park, etc. Our group posts can include neighboring areas and Cleveland on an overall (mostly the West side of Cleveland) as well as Ohio, since it is our state and pertains to us, of course. "Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford ONLY those who actually reside in West Park (or at least the Cleveland area or have family/history here) may join and must prove they live here in their profile, in order to be accepted into our group. Thank you. Just an FYI: This group does not promote violence or aggression in order to take our neighborhood back. We are only looking for ways to come together to make things better and to stand tall and bold enough to make it happen. Self-defense is one thing, but please do not go out looking for trouble. Let's find intelligent and skilled ways of defusing it instead! Step above the negatives! We do not tolerate trolls, drama or cyber-bullying of any sort. You may not promote yourself or your businesses or sales without administrative permission. If you post these things without first getting approval, the threads will be removed. So be forewarned. We aren't here for that purpose...we are here to join forces and to TAKE WEST PARK BACK!
Internet Scams
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This group exists to report internet scams. If you know of a website scamming people post them here!
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Freedom is Fun!
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Freedom is Fun!   lost all older postings and will rebuild references as time permits
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