Celtic Norse Heritage Society
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We endeavor to honor, celebrate, and promote the Celtic culture, it's heritage and Norse influences. To strive as a body to preserve the integrity, authenticity. credibility, and diversity of this ancient culture. To advance and invest in Celtic-Norse awareness exhibited in history through music, dance, art, language, spirituality, and geography. To do so without regards to race, religion, or political affiliation. We pledge our support in our mission and welcome all nations and associations within these cultures that hold true to our standards
Matthew Christian Pepple
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Havent seen a group like this yet so Im starting one. This group is for people who want to swap seeds and plants. Please post what you are looking for and what you can offer in return.
Brandia Wallace
Beth Stemmerich
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This is our own site/group/page. It is here that we will post anything we feel is helpful, or of interest to any other member. This group is for family only. Do not invite a friend before asking the other family members. The request will then be put to a vote and the greater number of votes wins.  Please no fussing and fighting, no name-calling. This is an attempt for us to step away from Facebook.
Robert Miller