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A place for SURVIVORS*FIGHTERS* WINNERS* YoReSpot gives us a place of FREEDOM* Support group for cancer survivors, fighters and Family members💛
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Covid and Vax Side Effects
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This group is specifically for those who have had Covid and/or the Vax and are having side effects from either. If you think you might be having side effects, please join. Knowledge is power. Do NOT join to harass or belittle people about being unvaccinated or getting the vax. It wont be tolorated. This group is specificallyto start a conversation about the health issues that follow having covid or getting the vaccine.
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If you're reading this you want help and you have taken your first step in dealing with something you do not understand and it is scary as hell. It tears at you and tries to weaken you so you cannot fight the darkness that is trying to surround you and consume all that is you until you no longer recognize yourself. It makes you feel like the only escape is to release your mortal soul by your own hand. But that's what it wants and it wins if you do. This is final! This is unacceptable! THIS IS NOT AN OPTION! I am not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or any medical professional. I will not tell you things I read in books or learned in college. I am just like you. I know what you fighting with daily because I fight it too. And I will not give up and give it what it wants. I will not give up on you. We cannot let each other give up. I will not post clips from books or videos or stuff other people say or think you should believe because they have a degree that tells them they know what you're dealing with. Only those who suffer can help others suffer. Welcome to the group. You always important here.
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