Not today Brandon... Not today...
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Sometimes the only thing you can think is "Not today Brandon... not today..."and try to laugh even though you want to cry because our country's going to shit!
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🤣 We All Need A Laugh 🤣
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Hey y'all welcome go ahead and share memes and make new friends we are all 420 friendly here. So let's all share some laughs. No Haters welcome here.
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Old Memes and More
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Will post the off-the-wall memes, political memes, news feeds, funnies and so on. It may offend some but that's okay. I also may or may not reply to what I post if there's question in any newsfeeds, do the research. I don't write Newsfeeds. If you do post please rename the meme. As with all rules to yorespot please follow them. All my memes I post should be downloadable.
Raunchy Memes
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This is a group for 18+ members. All memes raunchy or risque. Request entrance at your own discretion.