The Enchanted Society
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This group is a platform for pagans, heathens, witches, and other magickal folks on a spiritual path. Our core values and principles here are based upon a simple concept called tolerance and respect. If you have a problem with a member, post, or comment, you can contact me or a moderator. Let us take care of whatever is causing the problem and please do not lash out at another member.  Admins and moderators reserve the right to disable comments on posts that have caused flame wars or have resulted in conflict. Admins and moderators have the right to accept, decline, block, etc members and delete posts/comments that violate the group standards.  We encourage participation, support, and guidance Ask questions, offer advice to one another, and support each other. Violations will not be tolerated. There will be no Name calling, bullying, harassment, or threats toward any member of the group or the group itself. Prejudice, disrespect, or any intolerance against members based upon their spiritual beliefs/opinions, race, and gender preference. Disruption of harmony within the group due to such behavior will not be accepted and you will be removed asap. The actions we believe define what kind of person you are.  Should we discover that anyone is Complaining about the group in a post - on your personal page will be removed. No Pornographic content, or sexual comments of any kind. There are places on the internet for such things, no here. Please no Political opinions or articles. I am a Patriot and I am politically active but I will not be sharing any of that here.  We want this to be a place to make new friends and meet up with old ones. A place for sharing ideas, seeking advice, and offering assistance. All are welcome so long as they come with open minds and maturity. Hatred, harassment, or negativity of any kind will not be tolerated. Those posting spam will be hexed and blocked. So don't annoy the Wizard.  Respect all paths even if you disagree. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again. Blessed Be.
Robert Miller
Renee Rush
Mussar Study Group ( VA'AD)
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Mussar is a system of practices that can help you identify and break through the obstacles to your inherent holiness, using methods that are easy to integrate into daily life. Introspective, Mussar is a traditional Jewish path of spiritual development that leads to personal awareness, wisdom, and transformation The soul fills the body, as God fills the world. The soul bears the body, as God bears the world. The Soul outlasts the body, as God outlasts the world. The soul is one in the body, as God is one in the world. The soul sees and is not seen, as God sees and is not seen. The soul is pure in the body, even as God is pure in the world.  – Rabbi Simeon Ben Paz
Shlomo Silverman
Gavi Dahvid
Yair Black
True Spirituality: Gospel of Christ
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This page is to reflect, study and understand biblical text and eschatology. We focus on true spirituality through Christ. We want this to be an awakening environment. Understand, we want everyone to be welcomed, but we do not entertain witch craft, white, black or otherwise. I know first hand as one who once believed in the power of crystals and smudging, but I awakened and realized what was happening. With that being said, your welcomed hear if your wiling to try to understand. I know as well as any, most of these "spiritual communities" are trying to find understanding and acceptance, and it's for that reason why we welcome you. I learned the hard way and on my own, that Christ was the answer all along. No stones, no smudging, just love for everyone (even my enemies) and prayer... true prayer... true meditation on his word... and understanding of the message of wisdom and knowledge of God!
Ofelia Stewart
Caribou Jade Levora
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As Reiki Practitioners and Masters we have the ability to change the world with a collective consciousness approach.  We have access to the Universal Life Force Energy that keeps every human alive.  We have the tools to use it! Imagine an entire community of "like minded" people trying to accomplish the same goal for humanity?  Stay tuned for live events and group activities.  We got this!  While others are fighting the polictical war, we can assist them by protecting them as they work on the front lines.
Candice Shearer
UFO Inquiring Minds
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A group where you can feel freed to talk about The Paranormal...away from the relatives, spouses, and nay sayers....and feel comfortable that you are not the only one who knows about these things. UFO past and present, Spirituality, Megaliths, Stone Circles, Magic, Pleiadian, Contactee, Adamski, Paranormal, Spirits, Ghosts, Dowsing, Photography, Video, Conspiracy, Howard Menger, ufo video, footage, orbs, past life, masters of the far east, ethereal, mediums, medium, channeler, witness, spiritualism, psychic. And any other weird or informative subject that comes up to help explain our experience here on this planet and incarnation. We are not alone and have not ever been alone but you cant put proof of this in a test tube and pass the tests of the Gate Keepers who try and shield you from reality with their own reality. We are beyond this ... waiting for the Scientists, Religionists, and Skeptics to give their approval. We have Inquiring Minds and Truth is wherever you find it. We are not waiting for the Government, our own families, or the Religions to dispense truth any more. We are boldly striking out on our own. Other social media sites where UFO Inquiring Minds has a Page:
Bill Coones
Bennie Hamilton