Beit Emunah (House of Faith) -- Jewish and Open to All.
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Beit Emunah (Llc) is a unique Jewish community. We welcome ALL people of positive intent regardless of religion. We invite you to join us here, I offer three weekly religious classes and Friday evening (8 PM) and Shabbat morning (noon-3) weekly Services. Eastern Time Zone. This group invites discussions about our classes, services, and most anything else. Our Congregation website: Our Jewish resources and studies: Our Zoom Shul: Our Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays at Noon for Book Studies or occasional interviews. Thursdays 8 PM for the weekly Parsha chat. Fridays 8 PM for evening Shabbat service and Saturdays at Noon for Shabbat day services. We also do things on Sundays. All times Eastern.  
Shlomo Nachman
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