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Breaker O'Day
A #FloridaMan was pulled over in what was to be a standard traffic stop when LEOs found him with a life-sized mannequin in the passenger seat dressed up as a clown (Happy Halloween!). What takes the ... View More
Breaker O'Day
This is just gross. Read the headline and the Article. #Disgusting #FloridaMan. Most likely a #Liberal. You're welcome. I wanted to share the grossness with you. 🤣 https://nypost.com/2021/10/09/florid... View More
Breaker O'Day
So this dude defrauds Uncle Sam out of half a million dollars then faked his own suicide to get out of being prosecuted? Is he a #FloridaMan? 😂 No, this guy is from #Massachusetts. Some guy ratted him... View More
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