Kartanya Martinez
THE SINGER/SONGWRITER If when you hear rock, blues, a power ballad, jazz or soul you imagine Jimmy Barnes, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin. Think again! Kartanya Martinez is soul, rock and blues all rolled into one, and you find yourself leaving one of her gigs as if you have just listened to the most heartfelt ballad of your life. Her music is power, grit, pain, love, and has the life experience to tell the story with a song. When asked why she doesn't adhere to one genre but instead, uniquely blends the sounds. Kartanya says, “...Apart from being incredibly eclectic in what I enjoy listening to, people don't enjoy music just because it sounds good, but they also relate it to themselves; a particular event, an emotion in their lives and we all have that 'one song' in different genres that we can pin to a particular feeling or event. It's my mission to take them there...” ?Kartanya's belief is that by invoking her own experiences from life, and unashamedly pouring them into a song that she can take her audience to not only her thoughts and emotions but theirs as well, and to leave her show as if they have relived and felt the whole moment again. THE COMEDIAN Kartanya Martinez threw away her 'P-Plates' late 2019, and decided that a lifetime of experience making fun of difficult situations, was enough to bring stand up comedy into her repertoire. Kartanya believes that she is fast approaching the age that gives her elderly status, and she is committed to hitting old age with a mindset of being a wickedly naughty, and reckless old lady. Kartanya aims to take you on a roller coaster of rebellion, defiance, and mischief in between frequent visits to the naughty corner during her shows. Desperado Kartanya and Society are living together for the first time, Society : "...Watch your f*cking language..." Kartanya: " Ah, Shit..." THE AUTHOR Kartanya is a published author and is currently working on her fourth book, an autobiography called "Girl Outlaw".