Freedomizer Radio
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Freedomizer Radio ( started January 2010, We are a pro-freedom radio network. Proof Negative has the flagship show, Proof Negative Radio Show. Proof is on weeknights 9pm - midnight EST/ 6-9pm PST. There are many other show on the network. Also, Freedomizer is always seeking new hosts to join the network. Please send a message if you are interested in having your own radio show and voice your thoughts on our airwaves!
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Central City News
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The Central City News is the community newspaper serving the residents of the City of Central (2020 census pop. 30,000), Louisiana, located just northeast of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  In 2021, the Central City News was named Louisiana's Newspaper of the Year by the Louisiana Press Association.  It has earned more than 200 state and national journalism awards including the coveted Freedom of Information Award, General Excellence, Best Investigative Reporting, Best Columnist, Best Editorial, Best Feature Story, Best Sports Reporting, Best News Photo, Best Website, and many others.  Central is unique in a number of ways.  It is Louisiana's newest city, founded in 2005.  It is a strongly Christian and conservative municipality that is the home of the Central Community School System, one of the top-ranked school systems in the state.  Although a blue collar community, it has the third highest household income in Louisiana.
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Morning Coffee Podcast
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A new podcast with Jared Barker. I will be recording it while on my drive to work so the length of the podcast will vary. I will be covering news events and giving my perspective on them. You can listen for free but if you wish to support the podcast and help it grow please become a subscriber on Patreon. There are 4 teirs with the 4th being for people who own a business who would like to have me to an advertisement during the podcast. Thanks to everyone for being here and being a part of this new adventure.
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