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Invitation-only Travel Membership Club Making Luxury Cruising Affordable & Accessible for Everyone https://barbara.incruises.com/signup?video=bizVid The 1st Cruise Membership Club that Rewards you with Cruise Credits to make cruising more fun, accessible and affordable. inCruises™ has a genuine world class product and brand that people dream about. Cruise Credits = Significant Savings= Cruising experiences at preferred rates not available anywhere else. Period. The more you cruise; the more you save! And you can accumulate those Cruise Credits to use towards future Cruises; they never expire. Wherever you cruise. Whenever you go. inCruises™ provides our members with prices on par with the lowest online published prices. Then with your Cruise Credits, you save even more. We have a genuine service with genuine consumer demand: it's estimated that 24 million people will cruise next year. Only 20% of the US population has been on a cruise.  https://barbara.incruises.com/signup?video=infomercial https://barbara.incruises.com/signup?video=whyincruises https://barbara.incruises.com/signup?video=missionVid https://barbara.incruises.com/signup?video=aboutVid https://barbara.incruises.com/signup?video=partnerVid
Jeff Mason
Biscuit and Butterscotch Candle Company
All candles and wax tarts are made with 100% soy wax. Unlike paraffin which release toxins into the air, our candles are clean burning with little to no smoke when extinguished. All of our fragrance oils are free of Phthalate, Nitro Musk and Vanillin. Most fragrances are skin safe and all are safe around children and pets. Our cotton candle wick is a flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton. The only metal in our wicks is the tab at the base of the wick. All of our candles and wax tarts are dye free. All products are hand mixed and poured, one at a time. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase please let us know.
Adrian Tomer