Swans Cove Church
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Hello Dear Souls, Welcome to Swans Cove Church. We're an Interfaith community.  We recognize we're One with nature and seek to live in harmony. We are Light-workers, in partnership with the supernatural.  Nature unites us with sacred knowledge we hold within thus we follow the many prophets throughout time. We focus on the goodness of each other. Doing the right thing by our word and actions. Through the web of life we link the many bliefs of many religious thought practices and thread them through the invisible to the visible.  We allow free thinking that leads to the flow of your own beliefs. Like a river always flowing from your heart to mine ๐Ÿ˜‡ ♥.  Rev. Katie Yavuz 
Rev Katie Yavuz
Adrian Clare
David Billard
Roper for Illinois Governor 2022
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Christopher J. Roper (Republican), running for Governor of Illinois. U.S. Army Veteran and former Police Officer that us using his experience in business to bring fiscal responsibility and honest spending to Illinois. "It's time to address the needs of the people of this Great State. We need to be the Illinois we once were. Let us come together and make this happen." Join the Roper Army! Together, we can Save Illinois!
Jared Barker
Aaron Bailey
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