Chris Cornell
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Chris Cornell has been the front man for Soungarden, Temple of the dog, Audioslave and has been solo
Donna Barton
Donna Eby
Code Zero Radio
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Our Mission WCZR Code Zero Radio - We are focused on providing airplay for musicians who, despite producing radio friendly music, cannot get airplay on terrestrial (FM/AM) stations. There are a few reasons for this. The industry has marginalized popular music for the lowest common demoninator and streaming platforms are leading that model.  Classic Rock formatted stations absolutely refuse to add new music. Our rotation is curated with quality, well recorded, radio freindly rock and sounds every bit as good as any terrestrial. We stake our repitation on that. We are always taking submissions and work with several promotional distributors. We are also part of an incredible community of artists who make music because that is their passion. We share that passion and utilize social media to help raise awareness of undiscovered artists.   
Neal Roberts
Adrian Clare
Allen Shoemaker