Heather Barham
on January 13, 2022
To start of the new year our high-schooler is starting Astronomy. This book was listed new at around $40 on sale. I found a used copy in new condition with no writing in it for $10 with free shipping at an online used bookstore. Every chapter has a lesson with hands on activities and it also has a time sheet to keep track of the hours spent learning. Dad says he's going to do this class with our homeschooler because he's interested in learning about stars and planets too. Everyone learns in homeschool! We just got the book and started looking through it. This looks like alot of fun! Bonus: it's written by a Christian homeschool graduate!
Homeschool can be expensive, especially when you have more than one child, but if you take your time and research before purchasing you can cut those costs dramatically and still get quality items. Don't forget about used books. Buy used, when possible, and save the difference!
Stay tuned for updates on our adventure through Astronomy in this homeschool textbook!
Dimension: 3264 x 2448
File Size: 123.99 Kb
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