Christopher J Roper
on January 29, 2021
Hi Illinois family!
I want to pass this along to you all.
God Bless!
For starters...
Illinois has been ABUSED way to long. We all know that the list of things that need to be changed, to help make Illinois shine, is MASSIVE. These are only a few that I will start on, right away. I am not a "Standard Issue" politician, or "Career" politician. I will not bore you with stats, and pointless babel. I will FIGHT for our State, and our ILLINOIS FAMILY!
I will bring results.
When elected, I will...
-Lower taxes to stimulate growth.
-Expose and dispose of corruption with great fury.
-Streamline and clean up current programs, to stop the pocket lining schemes (some "programs" are being used as a laundering process).
-Stop throwing money around, like candy at a parade.
-Bring the office of Governor back to Springfield.
-Force accountability and transparency.
-Allow accessibility to the Governor - allowing open communication.
-Put together a powerhouse team to make Illinois SHINE.
-Remove the hotline from the Chicago Mayor, that controls the Governor of Illinois. The Governor does not report to the Mayor, but rather, to the people of Illinois.
-I will ALWAYS know our government is... of the people, for the people and BY THE PEOPLE.
-I will Give power back to WE THE PEOPLE of Illinois!
I am a Christian, and Pro-Life.
I support Small Businesses
I support term limits and pension cuts (former political seats).
I support paper ballots, hand counting, and voter ID.
I support an electoral college system for Illinois.
I support family.
We desperately need to protect our children.
I support IL/USA FIRST.
I support our beautiful flag.
I support our constitution.
I support our law enforcement, military, emergency medical, fire and rescue, and corrections.
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Frank Lemaire
Only sad thing. Cook county controls the state. Until that county turns. There'll never be anything but a Democrat governor.
January 29, 2021