Wistful World Art
on September 15, 2021
"The New Woman" ~ Original watercolor painting
Annie “Londonderry” Cohen Kopchovsky was the first woman to ride a bicycle around the world during 1894. Little known is her later attempt to ride the length of the globe from South America to Victoria Island, Canada. Here in 1898, Annie makes her way across the east edge of the Atacama Desert on her Romalea guttata inspired custom tricycle. King Vulture Percival offers little and eats many, while primate Balthazar frequently displays ill temperaments due to the relentless sweltering days. Annie tries to convince herself "I can do anything that any man can do."
Dimension: 800 x 574
File Size: 212.96 Kb
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Teresa Blackwell
Love this!!
December 28, 2021
Geoff Houghton
Thanks! The trick is making the scene somewhat believable... So it's a balance of the real vs the unreal... But siding with the plausible so the viewers eyes are drawn inward to determine what's real. Or something like that. Haha
December 28, 2021