on October 29, 2021
WELCOME ALL to my ART page.
I’m a published pyrography artist with over 50 years of experience.
Using all freehand drawn original inspirations.
I can bring your best ideas to life on wood.
My mediums are Prismacolor pencil for a base, then layering and blending a mix that varies including watercolors, inks, iridescents , metallics, chameleon and acrylic paints.
Finishing with the rich and delicious dark lines from the final burn that brings the work to life.
Located in New England and I love the change of seasons but have traveled a bit and am always looking for inspiring challenges throughout our country.
I do take custom orders and can ship through the good old U.S.A.
I so look forward to working with you to bless your home and heart.
10 pics at a time I hope I can fill your day with a fond memory, smile or a smattering of Joy.
Please let me know if I do.
If you like my beloved work share with your friends.
Dimension: 4032 x 3024
File Size: 358.6 Kb
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