Eileen Bild
on March 6, 2021
Today’s musing:
In school we learn English, Math, History and Science.
We move on to advanced degrees, trade or street smarts.
Then...there’s LIFE.
🔶Lessons yet to learn that are only from experience...
🔶Reminders of how fragile we really are....
🔶Knowledge of the strength and endurance we hold....
🔶Memories of the past to cherish, others for making better choices...
🔶Teaching of our struggles and success...
Where does the time go?
How do we go from here to there?
The journey is ours to embrace.
For stability and balance:
🌀Quiet the mind
🙏Prayer and meditation
✔️Healthy eating
👍Positive mindset
🤝Give a hand up
Core Thinking Blueprint
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