Brandon Boyle
on January 3, 2022 75 views What Judges continue to rule on cases after they recuse themselves?
Why did Judge Povodator refuse to subpoena Chief Larrabbee of the Stamford Police department for a hitman? Why didn't the Judge ever admit that they worked together for 10 years. What was said on the thirty 911 calls?
Family Law Judges that should be disbarred. Judge Sanchez-Figueroa stole a child from a pregnant woman after sedating her? The mother is not a drug addict.
Juda Epstein claims to be untouchable because his son has an uncle named Senator Joe Lieberman? Did a Senator make the foreclosure king pin a made man? What role is Genaurio's role, (William) in the Prichard case, ruling after he recused himself. What is Kremreich's role in the Barrier murder? Who decided that Chief state's Attorney would get 4!.5 million of the Lamont and Tong executive order? Which cop is yelling, ":TASER, TASER, TASER, I got him in the back on the snuff video?" Was it the Judge?
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