YoReDebates Comming Soon!

You can set-up or watch live debates directly directly comming soon on YoReSpot!

If you are wanting to have a debate not altertered or twisted by the media YoReSpot is the place to do it!

A mediator will be required and one person per party allowed!

All debates can be pushed on our LiveStreaming Feature!

The moderator WILL need a YoReSpot account and WILL need to reach out to have the account upgraded so they can host these events!
Debates will be free of charge and candidates can pay for added exposure and yes even targeted!
When a Moderator goes live this will only be live to people who follow them but the video will be displayed publicly at no charge. 
YoReSpot is leveling the field so we can help ensure a fair and equal election!
More details will be posted soon!